Racing Ankersmit A/W 2016

The project

The autumn/winter collection Racing Ankersmit has been inspired by textile manufacturer Ankersmit’s cotton textiles and the Formula 1 culture. The more than a hundred-year-old print designs from the Ankersmit archives reminded designers of design in current racing culture. This was the basis for a women’s and men’s collection comprising a series of wearable and timeless products. These ‘classics’ come back as canvas in every Futura collection; fit and construction are in constant development.


Racing Ankersmit puts the young label Futura on the map with a collection that stands out through its refreshing choice of colour and material. Although it looks casual, the collection is based on a clear vision that has been implemented across the board. Whereas many Dutch start-up labels start small, the Futura designs are immediately taken into production and delivered to points of sale. This dynamic approach (by Anne Bosman, Sanne Schepers and Tom Renema) evokes confidence among the committee about the future.

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