Recalculating Route – an experimental roadtrip


The project

Recalculating Route is a series of field trips whereby Floris Schoonderbeek, from his mobile studio, searches for a rich existence in balance with his surroundings. From an interest in specific sustainable techniques and how they are experienced, he involves experts who share these interests. Together they embark on an adventure of testing and experiencing with them. Recording the field trips and transforming the outcomes into the best suited means or products has generated a process of research and design, from which surprising and logical products like the Raintap, the Botanictub and the Sunstove have emerged. Experimental products that are created by combining sustainable techniques, contemporary needs, and user experiences. 


Expert panel

The light-footedness with which Floris Schoonderbeek tackles important issues is refreshing. This off-the-grid research feels like hut building for grown-ups, which makes it accessible and educational for a wide audience. It is based on a carefully considered research methodology: thinking through making. Making existing things better as a form of Design Research. Moreover, Floris is able to give this discipline an open character. One that gives experts in various fields the opportunity to apply their shared experiences and findings in their own professional practice. 

— ‘The off-the-grid Recalculating Route research project by Studio Floris Schoonderbeek feels like building huts for grown-ups; accessible and educational for a wide audience.’

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