Spark Design & Innovation

Rescue Tip Board

The project

This inflatable life-raft enables rescue workers to reach a drowning person faster and offer help more effectively. The raft can be tilted, which makes it is easier for the rescue worker to get the victim out of the water and start stabilizing them immediately.


A life-raft with an innovative tilting mechanism which for the first time solves a serious problem for the persons involved: the drowning person and the firefighter. The drowning person can be helped on board without physical damage while the safety of the firefighter is guaranteed. Spark together with all stakeholders has developed a solution, thereby making it a special cooperation instead of a standard commissioning situation. Spark has thoroughly completed and executed the entire infrastructure from problem definition to solution.


The jury recognizes Rescue Tip-Board as an efficient and sound solution to a problem. Aesthetics is secondary to functionality, which is appropriate in the (rescue) situations for which the application has been designed. Its effectiveness is underlined by the fact that the design not only is approved by the Fire Department, but actually used by aid workers. The tilting system is innovative and provides a significant improvement.

— Rescue Tip-Board offers a good solution to an urgent problem

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