NPK design, Janwillem Bouwknegt, Marte den Hollander & Martijn van Gelderen

SKS Raceday – Mini pump for racing bikers

The project

This handy bicycle pump for racing bikes. The Raceday high-pressure hand bicycle pump is suitable for semi-professional racing cyclists and fits onto Presta/Sclaverand air valves. Clicked to the frame of the bike, it is noteworthy for its functionality and light weight: 101 grams.


German manufacture, but solid Dutch industrial design, striking in its functionality: lightweight, equipped with Presta/Sclaverand valves, protected from dirt and water. In terms of design, the third- generation implementation of the Raceday, a bestseller among the sporty high-pressure bicycle pumps, joins in effortlessly with the racing bike itself.

— The shape of the third generation of the Raceday, a bestseller among high-pressure pumps for racing bikes, fits the shape of the bike itself. (MV Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011)

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