Siebe Tettero

The House of Viktor & Rolf

The project

Exhibition with an Alice-in-Wonderland effect. The visitor becomes a giant when faced with the dolls’ house in which porcelain dolls on a scale of 1:3 wear Viktor & Rolf outfits from past collections. Life-sized porcelain dolls showing the original collections then reduce the visitor’s size again. After the duo’s topsy-turvy boutique in Milan, this show is a continuation of the pursuit of people’s self-awareness in dynamic spaces.


The play with the scales – the true size, the dolls, and the doll’s house – has turned out a great success. The idea has been worked through in a splendid way, enhancing the eye-pleasing quality of the exhibits. The design of the exhibition has been enriched with a dimension that makes all the difference.

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