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The In Vitro Meat Cookbook

The project

Tantalizing visions on the future of our food in the form of a cookbook in which one ingredient – cultured meat – keeps coming back. The book covers topics such as sustainability, food shortage, animal suffering and culinary innovation.


This project is a relevant discussion piece on the food industry. How will the emerging technologies change the meaning and perception of meat? This is an important subject in view of, on the one hand, the human overpopulation, and, on the other hand, the negative impact of meat production on the ecosystem. The Committee stresses the fact that in this context design acts as a catalyst for debate.


In The In Vitro Meat Cookbook, the jury recognizes a medium that brings major issues close to home. The technology highlighted in the book is not yet available for the average person, but it explores what the future might mean to our food culture and opens the debate on the subject. The beautifully designed book is a speculative research acquiring extra significance through the contributions of scientists, activists, philosophers and experts in several disciplines.

— This cookbook about in vitro meat offers a vision on a possible future of the meat industry in a playful way

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