Overtreders W, Reinder Bakker, Hester van Dijk

The roof that goes up in smoke

The project

The roof that goes up in smoke is a seating area for 40 people. A row of picnic benches provides seating, while the project’s eye-catching element is the roof: a large white inflatable cushion that appears to float above the seats. The roof, sporting the con- tours of a cloud of smoke drawn by a child, keeps the visitors dry. Because the synthetic cushion is filled with hot air from the stove it requires only minimal support. Eight light-weight trestles keep the white object aloft.


An ingenious design with social impact. The link between the functionality of the wood stove and the image of the roof blown up like a cloud of smoke creates layeredness in the design. Its simple and well thought-out assembly method allows the construction to pop up anywhere.

— ‘The roof that goes up in smoke’ is a social meeting place that couples a feel-good factor to functionality and iconography. (source: RjdK, Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011)

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