Lernert & Sander

The Sound of Cos

The project

In this video, Lernert & Sander present their spring/summer collection for the fashion brand COS using sound effects. With the help of everyday objects like pepper and salt sets, bubble wrap, venetian blinds and a basketball the sounds that our clothes make as we pull them on are mimicked for comic effect.


We are so used to the sounds that our clothing makes that hardly anyone notices them anymore. Lernert & Sander subtly draw our attention to this and the result is a nostalgic trip. The video is perfect right down to the last detail and communicates the message clearly. Various cooperative ventures, with for example Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, have raised the level of the final result.

— Lernert & Sander make us aware of the sounds that our clothing makes in a humorous way.

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