Tubular Noise Barrier A2 Ring Road

The project

Lining the completely renewed Eindhoven ring road, VHP designed tubular barrier. The tubular noise barrier stretches along both sides of the A2 for 2 km. It is made of no fewer than 33,000 tubes of perforated and extruded aluminium. The three shades – natural, champagne and titanium – look different depending on the weather. The tubes have been filled with Rockwool to absorb the noise. The lightweight tubes are easy to put in place, while lighting elements can be incorporated into the tube or the aluminium base.


This screen proves that even in a device such as a noise barrier design can play an important role. The tubular noise barrier lends the ring road a technical look that matches the identity of Eindhoven.

— The tubular noise barrier is the living proof of a device both aesthetic and functional.

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