Bierman Henket Architecten

Uitbreiding Museum de Fundatie


The project

The new building volume on top of the neoclassical Museum de Fundatie has a whitish blue skin with a large glass window facing the city. Its coating consists of 55,000 three-dimensional tiles, produced by Royal Tichelaar Makkum.



Museum de Fundatie has recently undergone a complete renovation, but this nomination concerns specifically the ‘cloud’ covered with three-dimensional tiles. The committee of Spatial is of the opinion that the detailing and specific architectural components are indeed an inherent part of a design award. In this case, the project generates a huge impact in the city; the cloud has an incredible presence.


The jury saw the history of Makkum reflected in the design, in a way that repositions the building without dominating it. The apparent contradiction between classic and futuristic is balanced and gives the building an impressive appearance.


— The extension inspires amazement, attracts people and encourage photography - Robert-Jan de Kort, Dutch Design Jaarboek, 2013

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