The project

The VANMOOF no. 5 is a sturdy but functional bike, for daily use in the city. All components of the bike are almost invisibly incorporated in the frame. Compared with the brand name bicycles of other Dutch manufacturers, the VANMOOF is considerably cheaper, without sacrificing quality or ease of use.


A safety lock placed in the minimalist triangular frame and LED lighting make this distinctive bike sturdy yet functional for daily use in the big city. Retro in appearance but technically definitely 2010.


Everything is integrated, from the light which has a solar powered option, to the chain. An integrated light is really innovative as there are still so many separate bike lights on the market. Furthermore, its design is iconic, and in terms of a consumer product, its strength lies in its affordability. This is a child’s rendition of a bike, that you can actually cycle on.

— Instead of adding on clever design solutions for essential components, these have been almost invisibly incorporated.

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