Evert Nijland


The project

The atmosphere of the city of Venice is the source of inspiration for this jewellery collection: “a musical scenery, sometimes dazzlingly illuminated, at other times emerging from the shadows, but always closely bound up with sounds, rhythm and movement of the omnipresent water”. Different, often contrasting, materials are combined with each other. Through the use of wood, textiles, precious metals, ceramic and above all glass, the various disciplines of the applied arts are bonded together.


What is particularly striking about this collection is the use of materials, the effect of light and movement in the pieces and the well-chosen interpretation of Venice’s cultural heritage. Especially impressive piece – the sixty-centimetre-long necklace Fiori. A garland of glass flowers enclosing gold and textile, it perfectly captures the beauty and vulnerability that the city evokes for most of its visitors.


The design is a fine example of the translation of a set of values, colours, design and architecture from something so wide-ranging as the city of Venice to a jewellery collection inspired by that city. Taking the antique Venetian glass bead as its starting point, together with other materials, such as wood, textiles, precious metals and ceramics, the image of a traditional bead necklace has been surpassed. One sees a large necklace that is at once transparent and subtle.

— The jewellery series Venezia is based on both impressions of the city itself and its artistic traditions - in painting, design and architecture.

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