Waiting for the River

The project

Warten auf den Fluss, is a mobile sculpture for triënnale Emschersart in the Ruhr area.
The sculpture symbolized the anticipation of better times and a better environment by building
a covered bridge for a river that is not there yet. Constructed with reclaimed wooden scaffolds, the dynamic zigzag shape of the 36-meter-long bridge invites people for a moment of contemplation. Each pavilion provides a place to sleep for 8 people, a kitchen and a bathroom.


The embodiment of temporality. The temporary wooden guesthouse used to offer people the chance to re-familiarise themselves with the maligned place in the Ruhr area. It tells a narrative of ‘history that is still to come’.


Warten auf den Fluss is a good example of a world in transition.

— With the bridge angled in two places, each room had a different orientation (RdjK, Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011).

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