The project

Kossmann.dejong have added a new experience to the most beautiful museum in the Netherlands, The Hague City Council Museum. Art is represented in another, multidisciplinary and associative manner in “Wonder Rooms’, so that young people in particular no longer experience art as boring but as provocative. Around a central “arrangement” of more than 1,000 objects, which have been grouped together on visual and associative terms rather than regarding art history, there are 13 Wonder Rooms in which art is exposed thematically. These Wonder Rooms not only differ in design, but also in terms of their educational, experiential and interactive functions.


This presentation redefines the context in which art is represented. A beautiful use is made of space, color and light. The presentation is richly varied regarding the use of the space, integration design and content. The objects are freed from physical reality.

— Within the existing museum and with the existing collection as its focus, a new museum has been created for young people.

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