Nanna van Blaaderen

Woolmark Collection

The project

Van Blaaderen sought inspiration in nature and the characteristics of animal fur for this collection. She developed a knitting technique that subtly imitates fur and animal print. She used merino wool for the knitting, which is breathable, soft and lightweight. The result is a completely white, stylish and comfortable ladies’ collection with references to nature. This collection is part of the Woolmark Prize, an international fashion competition for innovations in the field of wool.


With the Woolmark Collection, Nanna van Blaaderen demonstrates that she has made great advances in form and silhouette. Averse to trends, the designer takes her own path, which has led to a clothing collection of contemporary knitting with lots of detail, without this spoiling the serene look. The collection belonging to the higher segment of the fashion market is not a limitation for the committee; it considers it courageous and appreciates the clear choice.


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