Harvey Otten en Ted Schulten

World of Food

The project

In the indoor market World of Food, in a former carpark garage in Amsterdam Bijlmer, you can sample exotic dishes. The structure of this, for the Bijlmer iconic, building has been laid bare: through cutting holes in the thin floors an area has been created with plenty of daylight and a spatial floor space. Terraces were created and, thanks to the carpark ramps, the floors are interconnected. Glass and steel from the now demolished identical garages were recycled in this project.


A project that unites worlds and provides a refreshing response to the cool ‘food markets’ that are popping up everywhere. World of Food is embedded in the neighbourhood and as such a vital bonus for the residents themselves. The culture of the little restaurants, run by self-employed entrepreneurs, is blossoming organically. The revaluation of an old carpark garage, while retaining the original architecture, honours the characteristic buildings in the Bijlmer. The committee believes that this projects announces a new phase for rejuvenation in the Bijlmermeer.

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