Next Architects



The project

The Zaligebrug, designed by NEXT architects, is primarily a functional answer to the questions and demands that arose from the redevelopment of the river landscape as a result of climate change. The 200-meter-long bridge at Lent (Nijmegen) connects the new island of Veur-Lent with the northern bank of the Waal and stretches over the lateral gulley that was created to give the river space at high tide. With its playful design, the bridge allows people to see and experience fluctuating water levels in relation to the bridge and the immediate surroundings. The gently curving bridge blends with the path structure running through the river park.



NEXT architects clearly took enormous pleasure in creating a bridge that visualises both the impact of – and solutions to – rising water levels. The design for the Zaligebrug symbolises the new awareness we need to shape strategies for (river) water management. The bridge has a hybrid form: it is above nature, yet also part of it. The design harmoniously blends water safety, experiencing the landscape and leisure, and shows the way for the future of design in this area.

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