Every year Dutch Design Awards (DDA) celebrates the best of Dutch Design. This year we announced a winner everyday during Dutch Design Week. 8 awards, in total. But there's still one left, the Public Award. During DDW, visitors got a chance to vote. We counted those votes and have a winner! And the Public Award goes to ... Bob Hendrikx!

Bob Hendrikx wins Public Award

Bob Hendrikx is an inventor, architect and bio-designer who strives to restore the parasitic relationship between humanity and its surroundings by exploring a living world. Working together with nature and a world in which our everyday objects come to life are important factors in his work. From a living coffin that transforms people into plant food, to a growing house. Bob was named person of the year 2020 by VICE Media. It is his ambition to push the boundaries of the human imagination by turning science fiction into science reality and working together with living organisms.

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