Every year, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) celebrates the best of Dutch design. This year during Dutch Design Week (DDW), we will announce a new DDA winner on DDW TV every afternoon for 8 days. And the winner for the category Data & Interaction is Globalance World by CLEVER°FRANKE!


The Swiss private Globalance Bank asked CLEVER°FRANKE to design and develop a unique digital platform that demonstrates the global impact of investments; a ‘Google Earth for Investors’. Globalance World depicts in an accessible way how investments can have a positive influence on the flow of money. The challenge was to make complex and abstract financial information tangible. Globalance World analyses and visualises data relating to climate impact, footprint, future-focused trends and financial return, thus enabling people to make sustainable investment decisions. It is an open platform: everyone can dive in and estimate in real-time how sustainable and future-proof certain investments are, and compare portfolios. 

— ‘With Globalance World, CLEVER°FRANKE once again raises the bar for unlocking complex information a little higher, both for itself and for others.'

Expert panel

With Globalance World, CLEVER°FRANKE has designed a platform that provides perspective into complex financial information that is otherwise difficult to oversee. By linking investment portfolios to sustainability data, an accessible interface is created that enables investors to evaluate the impact of their choices. CLEVER°FRANKE hereby once again raises the bar for unlocking complex information a little higher, both for itself and for others. Globalance World shows how design can fulfil a client’s mission. The jury was unanimous in naming this project as winner, which makes it the second time that this agency can call itself winner of a Dutch Design Award.

Data & Interaction

Design of interactive installations and interfaces whereby the application of data adds value for people, society and/or nature. Projects are innovative in character and stimulate (inter)action. From autonomous to commercial, from app to site and from installations to virtual worlds.

Expert jury: Daniel Sytsma (chair), Liza Enebeis, Merel van Helsdingen, Shay Raviv and Bas van de Poel.


Dutch Design Awards are rewarded in the daily talk show DDW TV, presented by Brecht van Hulten. DDW TV is from 16-24 October, 7 pm at ddw.nl.

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