Dutch Design Week (DDW) is about to begin and that also means the announcement of the winners of the Dutch Design Awards 2020 on DDW TV. For eight days, we will announce the winner of each category every afternoon at 16:00h during 'DDA Award Show Live'. Together we celebrate the best of Dutch design.

These afternoons are hosted by none other than Isolde Hallensleben and give us the opportunity to take a closer look at the three nominees per category. From 17 to 24 October you can watch the DDA Award Show Live at 16:00 on ddw.nl. For the complete DDA Awards Shows Live programme click here.

The Making of DDA20 Awards

This year the awards and visual identity were designed by George & Harrison. For the visual identity they designed a clear visual language that embraces the independent and content-driven position of DDA and accommodates the special designs that are awarded annually. No-nonsense, monumental and a touch of magic. ‘These are the starting points that we have always kept in mind during the design process of the awards. It was an exercise in focus and control,’ says co-founder and creative director Martijn Maas. S.T.R.S carried out the production of the awards. This party was prepared to experiment with different materials and colours in order to achieve the right end result. ‘Above all, we hope that the award will proudly find a place in the house or studio of the designer(s) and will serve as a silent reminder of the award-winning craftsmanship’.


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