DDA x Keep An Eye Foundation

Last year, DDA began a long-term collaboration with the Keep an Eye Foundation. The Keep an Eye Foundation keeps a look out for young, promising design talents. The foundation and DDA both agree that financial support can make all the difference at the beginning of someone’s career. The collaboration also makes it possible to support the Young Designers this year.The winner will receive a Keep an Eye Young Designer Grantof 12,000 euro from Keep an Eye Foundation, the two other nominations will each receive 9,000 euro.

In 2018, designer Olivier van Herpt won a Young Designer Award: “As well as recognition, the financial support is important for taking the next step. We have recently been busy industrialising the ceramic 3D printing technique. This next step also includes different surroundings. We will therefore soon be moving within Eindhoven to a new place with more space for research, development and the demonstration of new production techniques.”

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