Dutch Design Awards (DDA) is evolving, and in 2024, it has embraced a year of introspection. Over the recent years, numerous questions have surfaced, originating both from the design community and internally.

Who is the intended audience for DDA? Whom are we presently reaching, and, more crucially, who are we not reaching? What is the true value of an award, and what merits acknowledgment? How can we optimally harness the immense potential of our design community and our collaborative partners?

As Dutch Design Foundation, we are consistently engaged in dialogues about the role and influence of design. Given the changing landscape of the world and the design field, it is both crucial and logical for DDA and the discourse around design awards to adapt accordingly.


This year, we are dedicating time and space to a more profound reflection on Dutch Design Awards. This entails a redesign of our processes. We are collaborating with individuals from diverse target groups and backgrounds to formulate a new strategy for DDA.

This implies that there will be no traditional edition of DDA this year. However, a year of contemplation and redevelopment does not signify a complete absence of an edition in 2024. In the interim, we aim to cast an additional spotlight on Young Designers.

Further details about the implementation of these plans will be shared soon!

If you would like to respond to the above or share ideas with us, please reach out to project leader Marije Grund.

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