Every year, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) celebrates the best of Dutch design. This year during Dutch Design Week (DDW), we will announce a new DDA winner on DDW TV every afternoon for 8 days. And the winner for the category Communication is Stay Sane, Stay Safe by Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn x overdeschreef.


Stay Sane, Stay Safe (SSSS) is a Corona-related open and positive poster platform whereby everyone can upload, download, print and share posters. Now with over 2200 posters by designers from 86 different countries, it has become a melting pot of the creative energy that was released after the sudden shutdown of the cultural sector and so many cancelled events and projects. An outlet for designers and everyone who needed a little support. As such, 27 hospitals in the Netherlands have received printed posters and there have been various exhibitions, with as highlight an exhibition planned in the wing for applied art and design in the Louvre and possible inclusion in their collection.

— ‘Stay Sane, Stay Safe van Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn and overdeschreef shows how valuable the reactive role of designers can be to the zeitgeist and has great symbolic value in a historic period.’

Expert panel

Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn and overdeschreef anticipated the effect of the lockdown with great speed, humour and an amazingly high level of quality. What started as a small-scale project has grown into a unifying platform with huge international impact. By not curating, but setting their own high design standard and making the posters assessable to everyone through a digital platform, they have elevated the medium to a higher level. A democratisation of the poster that transcends its traditional function. Stay Sane, Stay Safe shows how valuable the reactive role of designers can be to the zeitgeist and has great symbolic value in a historic period.


The original way in which design is applied to create an effective and innovative connection between objective, message, medium and receiver. From brand and graphic design to digital and advertising.

Expert jury: Mieke Gerritzen (chair), Karen van de Kraats, Bas Koopmans, René Toneman and Thecla Schaeffer.


Dutch Design Awards are rewarded in the daily talk show DDW TV, presented by Brecht van Hulten. DDW TV is from 16-24 October, 7 pm at ddw.nl.

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