Every year, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) celebrates the best of Dutch design. This year during Dutch Design Week (DDW), we will announce a new DDA winner on DDW TV every afternoon for 8 days. And the winner for the category Fashion is The Fabricant!


Digital fashion house The Fabricant launched a beta test of a new digital fashion platform: LEELA. LEELA – which means ‘to play’ in Hindi – enables users to create a photo-realistic avatar that they can dress in digital couture from the specially created collection FLUID. Using 3D technology, they can make pictures of their digitally dressed avatar from various perspectives and share them on social media. LEELA meets the needs of a new generation, to use fashion to express their ever-changing identity in a conscious and sustainable way. A revolution in the physical experience of wearing fashion and a new business model for the post-pandemic fashion industry.



— ‘With LEELA, The Fabricant adds even more depth to a democratic model and sets new standards for the emotional value of fashion.’

Expert jury

This digital fashion house has been using a promising mixture of qualities since 2017 to show how the fashion industry can change. The Fabricant questions the future of fashion and identity in an increasingly hybrid world, challenges large brands to think differently and incorporates traditional techniques and strong design power in innovative and commercially interesting applications. With LEELA as a playground for self-expression, The Fabricant adds even more depth to a democratic model. The customised approach creates both on-demand possibilities for the retail industry and more potential for personal expression and experimentation. With this layering, The Fabricant sets new standards for the wearability and emotional value of fashion.


Fashion, whereby wearability is not a prerequisite. From collections, unique pieces and accessories to offline or online performances.

Expert jury: Iris Ruisch (chair person), Martijn van Strien, Mehtap Gungormez, Branko Popovic and Rachid Naas.


This project is no longer called LEELA, it is now known as The Fabricant Studio.


Dutch Design Awards are rewarded in the daily talk show DDW TV, presented by Brecht van Hulten. DDW TV is from 16-24 October, 7 pm at ddw.nl.

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