Every three months Dutch Design Awards (DDA) curates a new exhibition to be presented in the hotel gallery of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven. This enables (former) winners and nominees to present their designs to a diverse and international audience. After previous editions in collaboration with Royal Delft and Petra Janssen of Social Label, in this exhibition you can find the works of Lex Pott X Weltevree, Gispen and Simone Post. Below you will find an impression of what to expect when you get there.

Lex Pott X Weltevree | Poplars
Nominee category Product 2019
One of the works on show in the hotel gallery is Poplars, a project by designer Lex Pott and design label Weltevree. Poplars are a reinterpretation of an iconic Dutch heritage product: wooden clomps. Now with a different silhouette, they have been adjusted to suit modern living. Lex Pott was responsible for the design and Weltevree is the client and label within which this product has been developed into a comfortable, wearable and easily producible model. Each wooden clomp is being produced by Krajenbrink Klompenfabriek: one of the two last remaining industrialised clomp producers in the Netherlands. The clomps are made from poplar wood from Dutch forests using traditional methods.

Gispen | Gispen Sett CE
Winner category Product 2019
The Sett CE by Gispen is a timeless design sofa, designed by Peter van de Water and made from 95 percent recycled materials. It is the result of many years of researc into the circular industry. Together with TU Delft and Searious Business, waste materials have been used to develop a new raw material with which the body of the sofa is printed by 10XL. The sofa is innovative for its sustainable production method as well as the products after life. The Sett CE sofa can be separated, and, thanks to innovative techniques, each component can be processed into a new product. To prevent plastic waste, Gispen has used its own plastic waste material in its production.

Simone Post | Portfolio
Winner Keep an Eye Young Designer Grant 2019
Simone Post is well-known for her strong vision and position within the design field. The aesthetic and surprising reuse of materials can be seen as the central theme in her work. One of her works that you can see in the exhibition is the inspiration book with which Simone provided a new perspective on the future of their materials for ECO-oh!, a plastic recycling company. The exhibition also includes samples of a project for Vlisco in which research into waste cloths and misprints has resulted in the production of new carpets.

The DDA exhibition with Lex Pott X Weltevree, Gispen and Simone Post can be visited in the Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven! gallery until mid-January!


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