21 Spring Summer, SB Synergy

The project

Schepers Bosman is surrounded by a tight-knit group of friends, musicians, creatives and colleague-designers. The collaboration between these creative individuals forms the foundation of the collections, which puts the designer’s ego out of play. The 21SS collection visualises this connection. The collection includes graphics that refer to the colours and elements of flags, as a metaphor for unity and solidarity. The silhouettes are a modern interpretation of the concept of uniformity and workwear, made using raw collage techniques and patchwork constructions. The collection consists of unlined suits inspired by painters’ jackets, workwear coats and trousers, jumpsuits, square jerseys, jogging trousers, lightweight shirts, jackets and a new series of Dutch Denim garments.


Expert panel

The entrepreneurship of Schepers Bosman is admirable. Their collaborations are discipline-transcending, they stick their neck out for other designers and with their upcycling collections and local production, the collective is a great example of sustainable Dutch design. With the 21SS collection, they maintain their aesthetic and working methods, while at the same time also placing more emphasis on the Schepers Bosman community. They demonstrate the power of the collective with a recognisable signature of clashing patchworks, while the uniform clothing also provides space for the personality of the individual. The further expansion and increased visibility of their methods and community offers opportunities for the development of Schepers Bosman. 


— ‘With a recognisable signature of clashing patchworks, Schepers Bosman communicates their love for their community with conviction in the 21 SPRING SUMMER, SB Synergy collection.’

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