Collection 005 Complete Metamorphosis PT.2


The project

The second act of Ninamounah’s fifth collection continues to explore the cross-over between biology and fashion. Whereas the collection Evolve Around Me centred mainly on domination within nature, Collection 005 Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 is about the next step: a dramatic change in shape and appearance, where the characteristics of our animal ancestors are mixed with our techno-future. Pieces that transform according to the environment. Shapes and proportions vary from robust silence to fluid movement. As such, engine references are visible in office clothing, a shirt changes into a high-cut bodysuit and traditional shirts and tailored suits have dominant silhouettes and strong shoulders.



Collection 005 Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 is a beautiful statement that shows the strength of Ninamounah. A good example of how fashion offers the opportunity to show how people experience the world, without compromising on wearability. This collection delves deeper into Ninamounah’s characteristic theme of the human-nature relationship and is strikingly well made. Using models from various backgrounds, the team also naturally opts for a more inclusive, polyphonic catwalk. The Ninamounah team presents a strong, mature image, without losing its own identity.

— “Collection 005 Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 how strong Ninamounah is how much they are growing as designers. Ninamounah has succeeded in presenting a more adult image, without letting go of its identity.”

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