Irma Boom

Chanel No.5

For the exhibition No. 5 Culture Chanel at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Irma Boom made a book consisting of 500 pages that are blind embossed throughout. Because of this, the content is just like perfume: you do not see it, but it is there.

The catalogue itself is more a mysterious and poetic work of art. - Bas van Lier, Dutch Design Jaarboek, 2013


In her design of the Chanel-book, Irma Boom captures all aspects of ‘a Chanel’: material, tactility, experience, style and fashion. Like a sculptor, she set to work to achieve a total experience. And she has truly succeeded. The pages themselves may not be fragrant but the book gives you the illusion of being surrounded by the perfume.

Jury report

For the jury Boom managed to capture a sense (smell) and makes it tangible through the other senses: look, feel. Therewith the book is elevated to an object and an experience. A total experience that also represents the sensuality of smell and is still functional: you can read everything. An interactive experience in a classic product.

Ontwerper Irma Boom
Opdrachtgever Palais de Tokyo, Parijs

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