The project

THE NEW STIJL is a bombastic festival of a book, composed from different disciplines and styles. A visual exploration and collection of modern high-profile Dutch creativity, at a time when national identity is being defined less and less by physical boundaries. Successful, influential and talented Dutch creatives can be found everywhere. Born, raised or educated in our country, they bring innovation and change far beyond our borders. THE NEW STIJL presents work by dreamers, doers and disruptive thinkers who challenge us to look at things differently. What does Dutch creativity mean and who will emerge as its guardians in the coming years?

Expert panel

With THE NEW STIJL, …,STAAT makes a statement about the state of design in the Netherlands. The book celebrates a generation of designers and makers who are leaving their mark om the profession and the world in a variety of ways. From individual initiatives and independent brands to large agencies and pioneering entrepreneurs. The publication exudes craftsmanship: graphically, photographically, technically and as an object it is exceptionally well made. A beautiful snapshot, with which …,STAAT conveys a unique vision. This curation results in a group of people who have something in common; they set things in motion. As such, they represent a mentality that unmistakably redefine the concept of Dutch design.

— “With THE NEW STIJL, …,STAAT makes a statement about the state of design in the Netherlands by shining a spotlight on designers who redefine the concept of Dutch design.”

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