The project

Modem published a series of research papers that explore the impact of digitisation on various aspects of our lives. Modem covers a wide range of topics, including the impact of AI on design and the relationship between AI and the future of architecture. The papers were made in close collaboration with all kinds of independent artists, writers, design studios and universities, including Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, The Fabricant and FutureDeluxe. Modem shares its insights on its own platform and makes them freely available to the public, and in doing so hopes to initiate a debate about new and upcoming technologies and our future.


Expert panel

Modem operates at the cutting edge and exposes what the impact of innovation can be on design, art and our lives. This makes the Modem Research Papers hyper-relevant in terms of content. Extremely well executed, both textually, substantially and visually. Modem’s method of presentation is something we do not often see from research agencies: attractive and accessible. In this way they also cleverly showcase their strengths to (potential) clients: translating research into new forms of communication. Modem builds bridges between different worlds and opens them up to a wider audience. This is cross-disciplinary work at its best.

— “With the Modem Research Papers, Modem unlocks the often-complex matter that comes from speculative research and innovation, which perfectly suits its brand positioning.”

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