The project

Simone Post designed two shop windows for the French fashion house Hermès for their most prominent store in Ginza, Tokyo. Using a playful dreamworld of colourful candy, the designer gave shape to the Hermès theme for 2022: Living in Lightness. Simone placed ten-metre-long cables of yellow and pink marshmallow in a different context, by twisting and weaving them like textile threads. The resulting rugs, furniture, curtains, window frames and plants were all made from candy. The sixteen mini shop windows became miniature worlds, with tiny mirrors and plates: a nod to Alice in Wonderland. Simone Post created a fantastic world, magical and enticing.


Expert panel

Simone Post makes strong ornamental and decorative work. With Candy Land she cleverly incorporates an every-day product into her own visual language. As such, marshmallows suddenly become very Simone Post. This designer is always rediscovering herself. At a time when Japan was still in lockdown, she gave shape to a dreamy kind of escapism. She takes the viewer on a sweet, childlike journey of innocence in a complicated world. It is good to see a design that is both seductive and light-hearted. Executed to a high quality, right down to the finest details. An original approach for the luxury brand, that makes a tradition of giving space to artists and designers.

— “Simone Post is always rediscovering herself and with Candy Land for Hermès she gave shape to dreamy and light-hearted escapism, executed to a high quality, right down to the finest details.”

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