NEXT architects


The project

The bicentenary of Tilburg inspired a monument that symbolizes the growth of the city and its past as a textile producer. The most conspicuous feature of this monument is the set of 252 vertical glass-fibre rods. Because the rods are a little flexible, they sway gently in the wind. The way Tilburg has ‘grown and flourished’ is symbolized by blossoming creepers that wind their way up along the rods. With different creepers planned for each season, the Growth Monument will always look different. Next Architects has managed to create a living monument using only a limited number of ingredients.


With a limited number of ingredients, the designers have made a living monument that fits magnificently in its surroundings. It is moving with the wind and the vegetation creates an ever changing appearance.

— With a limited number of ingredients, Next Architects has made a living monument that fits perfectly in its surroundings.

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