House of Bols

The project

The museum consists of connected series of seventeen spaces totalling 600 square metres that tells visitors the story with striking colours and spherical lighting about the past, present and future of the Lucas Bols Dutch gin brand.


The designers have succeeded in displaying the ‘ins and outs’ of a centuries-old Dutch company in a succession of spaces with an international atmosphere. The striking colours, spherical lighting and applied materials all contribute to the trendy ambience in which the visitor is immersed. The overall experience is unexpected and daring, putting the products in a completely different light.


First of all the jury was pleasantly surprised that such an old and trusted Dutch brand as Lucas Bols was completely back in Dutch hands again. The House of Bols museum takes Bol’s core proposition, ‘mixing and blending’, as the starting point for the visitors experience. Seventeen unique spaces are collected together in one place that all give a new insight into the Bols brand in a three-dimensional, contemporary way in terms of their atmosphere, experience and use of materials. It is clear to see that the client and the designers together have created a really multidisciplinary experience space out of enthusiasm combined with an equally clear coordinated vision.

— All senses are stimulated in an internatinal, trendy environment.

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