Emilia Louisa Pucci

Ik ben Ster(k)

The project

Ik ben Ster(k) is a peer-to-peer platform that strengthens the position of stigmatised young adults. The talent-developing platform focuses on the passions and interests of this group, and uses new technologies to increase the participation of these young people. This strengthens their position within their own community.


The jury appreciates the fact that a designer is concerned about young people in difficult social circumstances. The first experiments that Pucci carried out with this platform have been successful: practice has shown that through this platform the self-image of the young people has grown more positive, that they are developing leadership skills and that their creativity is stimulated.

— In discovering and developing their talents, the young people are contributing to the social capital of their own neighbourhood and hence of the city as a whole - Bas van Lier, Dutch Design Jaarboek, 2013

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