Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken X Garage2020


The project

Fifteen per cent of young people are in debt. Long, drawn-out debt-collection processes stand in the way of their development and health. Stichting Enver offers guidance to these young people and saw that they often want to pay but are unable to. The traditional system of fines and accumulating collection costs often gets in the way of a solution. Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken and Garage2020, together with the Albeda in Rotterdam, developed a more personal and social approach. The MONNIE app helps young people to pay their bills more easily and gradually reduce their arrears. Furthermore, MONNIE makes creditors themselves jointly responsible for the prevention of problematic debts.


MONNIE addresses an important societal problem and takes immediate action to tackle it. As such, the Social Service Design Bureau, together with several partners – of which not least the young people of the Albeda training institute – presents a service that deserves the utmost praise in terms of reach and urgency. Young people can tackle their problems in complete privacy, which is impressive with such tough material. As winner of a Dutch Design Award, the jury believes that the appearance of the app and platform deserve a serious upgrade, both in terms of user friendliness and in design. MONNIE wins the prize with a solid concept, an excellently chosen name and unmistakeable impact. With a stronger design, it will have dotted every possible i.


— ‘Social Service Design Bureau and Garage2020 take the prize with MONNIE, thanks to a solid concept, an excellently chosen name and unmistakeable impact.’

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