Het project

Local Vegetation is the tenth collection from Studio David Laport, inspired by a photo series depicting local places with unique vegetation in the magazine Atmos. An important objective of this collection was to translate the lushness of vegetation into a material. Laport and his team embraced the limitations presented by the pandemic. For example, the studio used YouTube tutorials to learn the whole process of manual pleating. In addition, the studio also developed the nylon-hyper-fringe material itself. This has enabled Studio David Laport to make its largest couture pieces zero waste, which the studio has since embraced as its vision and policy.



David Laport is a very consistent designer with a lot of imagination. Corona delivered setbacks, which the studio managed to shape into a new vision and working method. A beautiful reminder that we often first need failures before we can arrive at truly new and inspiring work. The circumstances forced David Laport to reflect upon his craft and take responsibility for it by giving couture a sustainable twist. Laport’s unmistakeable signature remains firmly established in this zero waste policy. The result is an attractive, stimulating collection that tells a clear story: everyone can and must take the step towards more responsible production, including the more established names.

— ‘In Local Vegetation, David Laport reflects upon his craft and takes responsibility for it by developing his own material and giving couture a zero waste twist’

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