Mijn Volkswagen App

The project

A perfect example of a ‘user-centred’ design solution that makes complex information digestible. This app provides the Volkswagen driver with information about their car and their driving behaviour: the number of kilometres driven, or if the car is locked and when it is time for the next inspection. My Volkswagen only presents relevant information when you are not driving the car, does not send data to the car nor does it share personal information with Volkswagen. So that the app does not form a danger for drivers and is, above all, hacker-proof.


A valuable innovation for the entire car industry that, in design and comprehensiveness, is far ahead of other comparable apps. The interface is clear, works intuitively and cleverly, providing insight into the user’s driving behaviour. The committee hopes and believes that a service like this will have a positive influence on our car use and driving behaviour.

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