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Pani community center

The project

This building in the North-Bengal city Rajarhat functions as a technical school and neighbourhood centre, with the aim of structurally improving the position of the people living in the neighbourhood. Children of so-called ‘landless people’ who, due to their traditional caste system, have almost no opportunity for improving their social economic position, can attend school. Their parents work or learn a trade, the women are offered education for their further development. The bamboo bicycles that are made in the workshop are sold in the shop, through which the complex provides for its own income.


An honourable project with major impact. With great respect for nature, and with the help of local materials, a school was designed with an high aesthetic quality. The selected colours also have a clear function. Yellow deters mosquitos and blue deters flies. With minimal means a very refined finish.


The jury felt that every aspect of this integrated concept was exceptionally well-executed. The multifunctional Pani Community Centre ranks highly on all criteria. The experts were particularly impressed by the architects’ inventive design, created to be built collaboratively with the local people. The encouragement and guidance the architects provided yielded striking results. With only minimal resources (simple materials available locally) they were able to make a lasting, significant contribution to the community. The project’s overall approach attests to respect for the environment, without sacrificing aesthetics.

— An honourable project with major impact.

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