Architectenbureau Koen van Velsen

Rehabilitation Centre Klimmendaal

The project

Rehabilitation centre Groot Klimmendaal is a building that accommodates several different functions that are not only available to patients. The architect explains that he wanted to design an ‘optimistic’ building that does not immediately conjure up illness. He has managed to do so by letting the building blend in with the forest landscape. The interior also communicates with the surrounding countryside. Various patios and voids create a strong sense of space. But what will probably cheer up the building’s users most is the configuration of coloured planes.


The building proves that the social care sector is becoming increasingly important and that functionality and spatial design can play a major part in a situation in which consumers have more and more choice.

— With Groot Klimmendaal Koen van Velsen has shown that architecture can be a hugely influential factor in pleasing the ‘health care consumers’.

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