Team CS

Rotterdam Centraal

The project

The renovated station concourse of Rotterdam Central Station is built of glass and wood and has a pointed roof directed towards the heart of the city. The more modest Northern entrance is in keeping with the character of the district behind it.


The design uplifts the whole surrounding area. The new station gives the environment a clear focus point and creates a sense of tranquility, allowing the design to function well. Although the signage is still in development, the design directs the flow of people effectively. The new station creates space and actually gives the visitor the feeling to be traveling. The cooperation between various disciplines has led to a phenomenal result.


The jury is impressed by the dedication, the courage and the perseverance that the researchers show in the completion of their project. The result is a meaningful, authentic story translated into various means of expressions and rich in depth. In The Sochi Project, information about an important and politically sensitive issue is not only unlocked, but also preserved for future generations.

— Rotterdam Central Station brings together excellent architecture, urban landscaping and arrangement of public space

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