morePlatz, Caro Baumann, Samir El Kordy & Carla van Beurden

Tradition of Future — Future of Tradition

The project

The exhibition was a sequel to the epic ‘Mas- terpieces of Mohammedan Art’ from 1910, which gave Europe its first overview of Muslim art. The firm designed the installation Enclosures in the central hall of the Haus der Kunst, in which walls made of fabric blurred the borders between circulation and exhibition space (source: RjdK Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011).


Islamic art amidst a labyrinth of hand-woven fabrics. The exhibition establishes a link between historical and contemporary Islamic art. The spatial experience of the circular paths adds an extra layer to the informative nature of the exhibition.


Tradition of Future shows the Islamic culture in a new way. Setting up a relatively inexpensive exhibition is quite a big job, but the exhibition organisers have succeeded.

— Enclosures offered visitors the opportunity to experience a ‘fabric architecture’ (source: RjdK Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011).

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