Dick van Hoff

> VEEG by Social Label

The project

Designers/design thinkers Petra Jansen and Simone Kramer from Social Label create custom work for local companies to offer to people with a social disadvantage by using design. Starting with a product design by a Dutch designer, they learn a craft. For the project >VEEG, Dick van Hoff collaborated with the neighbourhood management company Cambio. They also processed waste: old bicycle frames were reused for a collection of artisanal brooms.


A good example of a ‘product service system’ in which smart use is made of the different elements that have been brought together. Design here focuses on more than just the broom. The relationship between the parties involved has been designed, as well as the production process. The system that has been established here is exceptional, because it has succeeded in discovering and harnessing the strengths of (socially disadvantaged) people. An added benefit when this results in a tangible, attractive and useful product. What started as a prototype in 2014, was taken into production and is now in the shops.

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