Zwarts & Jansma architecten

Voetgangerstunnel Wilhelminaplein Rotterdam

The project

The feeling of safety is important in every urban underground area. That’s why it is made impossible to stand still in Wilhelminaplein Rotterdam pedestrian tunnel; pedestrians are moved from one side to the other by tapis roulants. Thus uninvited guests can’t stay in the tunnel.
The tunnel is designed as a part of the metro station. Its appearance is modern and the tunnel self is clear. Elevator, escalator, and stairs give access to the tapis roulants from the square in front of the theater. In the evenings the entrance is closed with glass screens and rolling shutter.


The jury was enthusiastic about Zwarts & Jansma’s pedestrian tunnel for the Wilhelminaplein in Rotterdam for which the walls have been formed in such a way that the images change slightly as you pass them. This must remove unpleasant feeling when using the tunnel – and perhaps also dissuade graffiti sprayers from vandalism.

— Its appearance is modern and the tunnel self is clear.

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