In focus: Modem

Before focusing on Dutch Design Awards’s next chapters, we look back at last year’s winners. We bring ModemĀ into focus:

Modem Research Papers are hyper-relevant. Exploring the impact of digitization on various aspects of our lives, they present a wide range of topics in attractive and accessible ways. By sampling perspectives on our relationship with technology, which range from the impact of AI on design to how AI relates to future of architecture, Modem leads with solid content that position it as a leading agency for innovation and design.

As a research agency, Modem wants to take responsibility rather than settle for a pay-off. Working in close collaboration with all kinds of independent artists, writers, design studios, and universities, including Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, The Fabricant, SHOWstudio, and FutureDeluxe, Modem Research Papers unlock the often-complex matter that comes from speculative research and innovation in a visual and substantive translation.

Sharing freely available insights on its platforms, they initiate a public debate about new and upcoming technologies and our futures, engaging their research and relevancy with the public powerfully and communicatively.

Also check out the project page.

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