In focus: Tailors and Wearers

As Dutch Design Awards transitions into the future, we look back at how last year’s winners are reshaping the capacity of the Design field for impact. We bring Tailors & Wearers into focus:

Tailors & Wearers brings is a celebration of Afro-Surinamese heritage, fashion and education for and by different generations. Showcasing its many manifestations and modern interpretations, it brings people together in a place where these stories come from and where the heritage is developing further.

Through education, participation and presentation, the impact is especially meaningful. By embodying the importance of Afro-Surinamese costume and fashion, Tailors & Wearers creates an essential and relevant podium for heritage, passing previously unrecognised values to future generations.

The platform contributes to the preservation, development and accessibility of the knowledge and skills of this Afro-Surinamese heritage. The historical context of the origins of this costume and the meaning it takes from its turbulent history are central themes through research, activities and educational products.

Also check out the project page.

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