The project

Climate change is changing our world. Across Africa, climate change is already leading to increased levels of forced migration and displacement, also known as climate mobility. It is estimated that by 2050, up to 113 million people in Africa will move as a result of climate change. CLEVER°FRANKE designed and developed a visually rich website and report. The design agency helped the Global Centre for Climate Mobility to visualise the correct insights from two years of research. These were translated into stories that present the problem in an understandable and tangible way, for those affected, journalists and policy makers. The main focus lies on the people involved and showing the local consequences of climate change.

Expert panel

CLEVER°FRANKE maps out the comprehensive consequences of climate change using a dashboard, once again proving itself a master at visualising and unlocking complex data. Voices from the Frontlines makes visible the impact on countries, nature and people in specific places on the African continent that often go unnoticed by policymakers, news media and the general public. Partly because it is far away and partly because the frequency and size of the reports that address this issue do not lead to insights and activation. By visualising it, CLEVER°FRANKE condenses this information into manageable portions, allowing local and international politicians and journalists to work with it.

— “With Voices From The Frontlines, CLEVER°FRANKE transforms bulky reports into clear data visualisations and stories; the craftsmanship and precision this agency is known for.”

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