Peter Zuiderwijk & Karin Mientjes


The project

Graphic designers Peter Zuiderwijk and Karin Mientjes were asked to gear their posters to the theme of TodaysArt 2009, which was about conflicts. They analysed the images of conflicts and developed Conflict-ID based on their analysis. The six posters created by Zuiderwijk and Mientjes form three pairs. On one poster you can see the smoking skyline of The Hague with the Peace Palace. Two other posters show the portraits of two men. The six posters form a single entity through the dominant use of light blue, which is not coincidentally also the colour of the United Nations.


The series of posters for the The Hague TodaysArt Festival 2009 was so convincing that the AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands) took the organiser in custody on suspicion of subversive activities. The only subversive thing that the posters did was poking harmless fun at the image of The Hague as the city of peace and justice, but this should not involve images of dictators or terrorists, let alone the destruction of The Hague. The jury has a better eye for the well-made posters,which had an immediate impact.

— These series of posters makes people aware of the risks of conflicts.

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