Rop van Mierlo

Illustrations picture book ‘Wilde Dieren’ (Wild Animals)

The project

In this book without words, is the softness of the animal pelts almost tangible in the watercolour illustrations. The watercolour technique increases the cuddliness of the illustrated animals.


Without being childish, the watercolour drawings of animals in this book appeal to the child in every viewer. The illustrations communicate both the woolly nature of the animals and their characters; brought together, they form a charming gem.


The book ‘Wilde Dieren’ is an icon inviting people to tell stories. At the same time, the illustrations are so strong that it does not really need a story. Universal, understandable for everyone, from young to old and all over the world.

— 'Wilde dier- en is charming, endearing and also humorous' (BvL, Yearbook 2011).

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