The project

LOADS is a self-integrated and financed project by Studio Claudy Jongstra. The goal is to stimulate specific agricultural projects – such as the biodynamic cultivation of dye plants – and the development of educational and social projects. The studio works together with a variety of professionals to retain and pass on knowledge: from traditional crafts to manufacturing processes and from recipes to natural materials, textures and techniques. The doors are open to everyone who wants to learn to live holistically: students, designers, farmers, scientists and companies. LOADS has the entire manufacturing chain in-house, which created a closed cycle. From LOADS, Claudy Jongstra initiates masterclasses and events, master-apprentice programmes, new collaborations and an artist-in-residency.


Expert panel

Claudy Jongstra translates entrepreneurship into their own form of commissioning and thereby sends a signal: do not let the preservation of ideas that are in danger of disappearing depend on subsidy providers or financers. Education is clearly the most important motivation behind LOADS. They work on projects and products that pass on heritage, particularly to new generations. Studio Claudy Jongstra strives to connect and activate everyone and everything. This leads to great collaborations. LOADS involves students from secondary schools to universities and special education, as well as companies, museums, masters of traditional crafts and designers like Alexander van Slobbe and the young design studio Namelok. The circle couldn’t be any rounder.

— “LOADS strives to connect and activate everyone and everything, with Studio Claudy Jongstra translating entrepreneurship into their own form of commissioning.”

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