The project

AI tools exhibit serious gender and origin biases. Missjourney.ai is the first AI tool that is built to challenge traditional patterns and stereotypes. An algorithm has been developed for this purpose that allows people from all over the world to generate and distribute anti-stereotypical images of powerful women. The Missjourney.ai campaign fuels an important discussion about female representation. ACE contributed creativity and technological knowledge to the development of Missjourney.ai and TEDxAmsterdam Women highlights the theme on its platform and during events. Missjourney.ai forms the start of the TEDxWomen annual program ‘Decoding the future’, a search for inclusive technology.

Expert panel

With the Missjourney.ai campaign, TEDxAmsterdam Women and ACE highlight the generalisations and prejudices that have been adopted by AI tools. Here, design has been strategically used for strong communication. This campaign thereby effectively addresses the fact that AI is far from neutral and Missjourney.ai makes the problem tangible. The tool and campaign get people talking and TedXWomen focusses attention on more inclusiveness in tech. It is an unsettling thought that there are currently thousands of AIs growing up and we are actively influencing only a few. This tool cannot solve that problem. In this sense, Missjourney.ai makes us all involved in the next step.

— “With the Missjourney.ai campaign, TEDxAmsterdam Women and ACE demand attention for more inclusiveness in tech by effectively addressing the biases adopted by AI tools.”

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